Monday, December 15, 2008

Why was Cleopatra the last pharoh of Egypt?

Now, this took me time to find so don't be sayin' this answer is wrong or it goes on farther than that, ok?!
So, after Cleopatra's death, Egypt and Rome went to war. Octavian, ( a mean mean man, Caeser's nephew and a man that killed Caeser's family) was the leader of Rome at the time and after they won the war he brought Egypt over to be part of the Roman Empire. So no more rulers for Egypt. I told you he was a meany. And I feel so sorry for Cleopatra and Antony's son because he would have been the next pharaoh and he was looking forward to it! Well I guess Octavian won't be on every ones good side. Tee Hee!!!

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