Monday, December 15, 2008

Why did Cleopatra always wear cobra jewlry?

I think she is the only pharaoh that wore as much cobra tings as she does.
The reason she wore them was actually because she thought they were the most amazing animals ever! Ok, they are cool but I don't think their the best, I mean come on they could kill you. Not only that, the whole snake thing creeps me out!! She was also supposed to wear cobra's on her head piece at least. It was a big thing with Egyptian pharaohs. But that wasn't the only cobra thing on her body, not even. She had cobra jewelry, head pieces, sandals, she even had cobra's on the rim of her bed. Not only that, this was all made out of GOLD!!! She died by having a cobra bite her in the neck.
That is one reason people think she was a selfish, spoiled, pharaoh. By the way I'm going to blog about that next, so get ready!

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