Monday, December 15, 2008

What were Cleopatra's relationships??

Her first relationship was with a boy in Rome. She was 12 and he was 10 and they were ingaged to get married. Then he canceled it and ran away! Then there was her little brother, Ptomely XIII because of being able to be Queen. She was 18 and he was 10. Well that didn't work because he drowned when Caeser was chasing him out of the castle for trying to kill Cleopatra. WOW! That brings me to the next guy, CAESER! He was probably the one she loved most. The weird thing is she didn't even mean to fall in love him. She roled herself in a carpet and delivered herself to him. She then acted like she loved him so she could get him and his army on her side for the civil war coming. But then it wasn't an act. They got married and had 1 son and they named him Ptomely Caeser. Then Caeser got killed by his own men. That girl is speed dating she goes and goes. Not long after she meets Mark Antony and married him and had 1 girl. She named her Cleopatra VIII. Wow. Then she died married to Antony. So 4 guys in her life really. Did she ever feel sorry when they died? Goodness Gracious!!! How did she even get these guys she wasn't even pretty.

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