Monday, December 15, 2008

How did Cleo change Egypt?

When I started researching Ms. Cleo, I was so excited because of what I already knew about her. Then I started reading more and learning more and I was starting to think she was a little mean. But now I know even more and even though she did mean things doesn't mean she is totally a bad guy. I mean seriously, if you messed up in life, like tell a lie, would you want everyone to go against you for ever? Well that is what some people did to Cleopatra. :(

Anyway she changed Egypt in a good way, more than in a bad way! Some things she did was, she enforced a law to bring equality between men and women! She loward taxes for Egypt farmers because of her childhood memories.(if you didn't get the clue, she was poor) She was nice to everyone, not just the people that gave her stuff like most of the pharaohs. She would sit in the middle of town and wave to everyone who came by. Yes I agree that is a little creepy. Here's the creepy part of that though if like men tried to touch her inappropriately she would have her servants chop their heads off. Told you it was creepy. So yes, she was creepy but she was also very nice! Tee Hee


  1. I'm from brazil, and I like this things of the egypt..And, your blog is very nice, congratulations.. :)

  2. Wow, ummm i don't want my head chopped off, THATS CREEPY! i like my head right where it is!