Monday, December 15, 2008

What were Cleopatra's relationships??

Her first relationship was with a boy in Rome. She was 12 and he was 10 and they were ingaged to get married. Then he canceled it and ran away! Then there was her little brother, Ptomely XIII because of being able to be Queen. She was 18 and he was 10. Well that didn't work because he drowned when Caeser was chasing him out of the castle for trying to kill Cleopatra. WOW! That brings me to the next guy, CAESER! He was probably the one she loved most. The weird thing is she didn't even mean to fall in love him. She roled herself in a carpet and delivered herself to him. She then acted like she loved him so she could get him and his army on her side for the civil war coming. But then it wasn't an act. They got married and had 1 son and they named him Ptomely Caeser. Then Caeser got killed by his own men. That girl is speed dating she goes and goes. Not long after she meets Mark Antony and married him and had 1 girl. She named her Cleopatra VIII. Wow. Then she died married to Antony. So 4 guys in her life really. Did she ever feel sorry when they died? Goodness Gracious!!! How did she even get these guys she wasn't even pretty.

How old was Cleopatra when being Pharoh??

She was 16 when she was getting a chance to be because her older brother was in war so she would be next, but then he came back. So she then became Queen at age 18 in 51 B.C! (she was born in 69 B.C!) She wasn't ruling by herself quite yet. She was ruling with her 10 year old brother FUN FUN! Now I have a 10 year old brother and well I sure wouldn't wan to rule a whole country with him. Not at all.

The worst part is she had to marry him. YUCK!!! but that is what they did back then. Unfortunately she really wanted to rule by herself because she killed him not long after getting married.

She was pharaoh for 21 years. Wow that's so long. Do the math, that is from 51-30 B.C. She was alive for 39 years. Now that is from 69-30 B.C ! Tee Hee

How did Cleo change Egypt?

When I started researching Ms. Cleo, I was so excited because of what I already knew about her. Then I started reading more and learning more and I was starting to think she was a little mean. But now I know even more and even though she did mean things doesn't mean she is totally a bad guy. I mean seriously, if you messed up in life, like tell a lie, would you want everyone to go against you for ever? Well that is what some people did to Cleopatra. :(

Anyway she changed Egypt in a good way, more than in a bad way! Some things she did was, she enforced a law to bring equality between men and women! She loward taxes for Egypt farmers because of her childhood memories.(if you didn't get the clue, she was poor) She was nice to everyone, not just the people that gave her stuff like most of the pharaohs. She would sit in the middle of town and wave to everyone who came by. Yes I agree that is a little creepy. Here's the creepy part of that though if like men tried to touch her inappropriately she would have her servants chop their heads off. Told you it was creepy. So yes, she was creepy but she was also very nice! Tee Hee

Why was Cleopatra the last pharoh of Egypt?

Now, this took me time to find so don't be sayin' this answer is wrong or it goes on farther than that, ok?!
So, after Cleopatra's death, Egypt and Rome went to war. Octavian, ( a mean mean man, Caeser's nephew and a man that killed Caeser's family) was the leader of Rome at the time and after they won the war he brought Egypt over to be part of the Roman Empire. So no more rulers for Egypt. I told you he was a meany. And I feel so sorry for Cleopatra and Antony's son because he would have been the next pharaoh and he was looking forward to it! Well I guess Octavian won't be on every ones good side. Tee Hee!!!

Why did Cleopatra always wear cobra jewlry?

I think she is the only pharaoh that wore as much cobra tings as she does.
The reason she wore them was actually because she thought they were the most amazing animals ever! Ok, they are cool but I don't think their the best, I mean come on they could kill you. Not only that, the whole snake thing creeps me out!! She was also supposed to wear cobra's on her head piece at least. It was a big thing with Egyptian pharaohs. But that wasn't the only cobra thing on her body, not even. She had cobra jewelry, head pieces, sandals, she even had cobra's on the rim of her bed. Not only that, this was all made out of GOLD!!! She died by having a cobra bite her in the neck.
That is one reason people think she was a selfish, spoiled, pharaoh. By the way I'm going to blog about that next, so get ready!